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Honey Lemon Week

•HoneyLemon-Draw/DisneyBound/Gifs. Post something about her.
Will be posted when tumblr lets me. (:

•What is your favorite character from BH6?
Sister: Honey Lemon
Me: Hiro

•Honey(sweet) Lemon(sour). If given a choice what would you choose: sweet or sour? And why?
Sister:Sweet because I love the Disneyland candy apples.
Me: Even though I don’t eat sweets that often, I do have a sweet tooth. I like muffins and pie.

•Honey Lemon is said to be a Barista. Favorite drink from a coffeehouse and/or one you would like to try.
Sister: Espresso because I see a lot of people drink it and it probably tastes really good.
Me: Never tasted any type of coffee, but if I had to I would like to try a latte of some sort.

•What job would you like from the ones the BH6 characters have?
Sister: Honey Lemon’s job because she has her own chemistry lab to do her coffee.
Me: GoGo’s

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Big Hero 6: 6 Week Challenge

Actually I forgot to post it last week, so it has come down to five.

My sister said she saw a post about someone saying there should be a six week Big Hero 6 challenge where each week would be dedicated to each person from the team. So here is what we came up with!

Week 1: Honey Lemon*
•HoneyLemon-Draw/DisneyBound/Gifs. Post something about her.
•What is your favorite character from BH6?
•Honey(sweet) Lemon(sour). If given a choice what would you choose: sweet or sour? And why?
•Honey Lemon is said to be a Barista. Favorite drink from a coffeehouse and one you would like to try.
•What job would you like from the ones the BH6 characters have?

Week 2: GoGo Tomago
•GoGo Tomago-Draw/DisneyBound/Gifs. Post something about her.
•What BH6 suit would you choose and why?
•Sarcasm at it’s best. What is your favorite sarcastic comment, one you have said, another person has said, or even GoGo Tomago has said.
•GoGo Tomago is an engineer. What is your dream job?
•Favorit Gum flavor?

Week 3: Wasabi
•Wasabi-Draw/DisneyBound/Gifs. Post something about him.
•Which Big Hero 6 character are you most excited to see in action?
•Wasabi’s afraid of heights. What’s something you’re not very fond of? Do you wish you could fly?
•Who do you wish you could trade places with in BH6?
•Wasabi is nicknamed after “a Japanese plant with a thick green root that tastes like strong horseradish and is used in cooking, esp. in powder or paste form as an accompaniment to raw fish” (Oxford American Dictionary). Have you ever tried Wasabi? If so, did you like it if not would you try it?

Week 4: Fredzilla
•Fredzilla-Draw/DisneyBound/Gifs. Post something about him.
•Favorite Comic?
•Do you have a signature saying? If so what is it and if not what would it be?
•Fredzilla likes to read comics, what are you fond of reading? Favorite style or genre? Favorite type of literature?
•San Francisco or Tokyo? Why?

Week 5: Baymax and Hiro
•Baymax and Hiro-Draw/DisneyBound/Gifs. Post something about them. Together, alone, as many as you want.
•Favorite scene of them together?
•Favorite Baymax quote?
•Tadashi invented Baymax, what would you invent?
•Favorite candy? Do you like red lollipops?
•Favorite Baymax scene?
•Hiro loves his brother, whats the best thing about having a sibling and something you admire about them. If you don’t have a sibling who is someone you consider one and something you admire about them?
•Hiro has a super cool lab, what would your look like?
•Hiro likes to skateboard, favorite recreational activity?
•What excites you most about BH6?
•Favorite Superhero movie?
•What are you going to do before you watch BH6? Any plans for when you go watch it in the theaters?

Approach this challenge in whichever way you want and most importantly have fun! Be sure to tag it BH6Challenge! because I really want to see all you guys come up with!

*Selfies are optional.

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Note to Self

Bring Lollipops and Bubblegum to watch Big Hero 6.

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has reached their goal! Yes!!! I am really excited for this amazing 2-D Animated film …

and I really want the merchandise.

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I really like the Zoo.
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I just really want a tsum tsum.

all of them please.

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Best Day Ever.
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Summer Fun Days
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I just watched Pooh’s Heffalump Movie.

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Check out some of my work!

This summer I wanted to enter my stuff in something and stumbled upon Teen Ink.

So if you guys could do me a HUGE favor and check it out, maybe rate it if you have time. That would be awesome and I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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One more chapter has ended.

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Hakuna Matata